What we did

LinkedIn fully automatic promotion service. The main features: auth via Linkedin, invite system via e-mail, list of connected Linkedin accounts, a specific dashboard to the selected account, creating the Linkedin 5-message campaign, creating SMS and e-mail campaign, smart search using all Linkedin search filters, group campaign, custom leads CRM system with leads funnel.


As a result, we got a fully automated lead generator with a message chain. By setting filters for precise targeting of profiles, we get people from our target audience and send them an invitation. All profiles are collected in the database and statistics are displayed on the dashboard that include a number of new connections, response rate per message and message open rate.


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  • celery
  • apollo client
  • material ui
  • graphene
  • postgresql
  • send grid
  • django
  • css3
  • html5
  • bootstrap
  • javascript
  • python

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