What we did

We created a 100% custom website solution from front-to-back using Django, Django Rest Framework, React.Js and regularly add various features. One of them is a Stripe payment system and integration with Amazon Advertising API, Amazon Search API.


The owners were very happy that we captured their spirit in the website and customers were thrilled with the portal that allowed them to find, save and purchase products easily. Teleport connects travelers to shoppers wherever they are in the world. Together, we are making the world a much smaller place.


Rocklab has many years of experience providing high-quality design and development services for market segments with strong demand for digital products. Explore the opportunities of web and mobile development for your business niche.

  • css3
  • html5
  • javascript
  • bootstrap
  • git
  • google maps
  • python
  • rabbitmq
  • less
  • nginx
  • postgresql
  • linux
  • docker
  • django
  • stripe
  • react
  • redis
  • redux
  • webpack
  • reast api
  • github
  • digital ocean

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