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Magento support and maintenance

Our specialists have faced difficult problems in Magento stores many times and they have always found solutions to these problems. So we always know what and how to do!


Let’s look at how support tasks flow till it completion


Preparing development in a local environment

First of all, we will start our development in a local environment to ensure the maximum security of the development process and submit it further for review.

Code Quality Check

This is an automated process, which involves high-tech software. It takes place once we initiate a merge request for the update to appear in the repository.

Code review by the project architect

This process includes manual review of the code by our project architect to create the most readable code for future updates and / or new edits, so as not to cause any problems with scaling the project.

Deploy to Staging Server

After 2 levels of technical review, it’s time to see how the update works with the current online store. That’s why we deploy the update to the client's staging repository, where it merges with all modules, extensions, and integrations.

Quality Assurance

Finally, our team of testers will manually test all performance and visuals to ensure 100% product quality before going online.

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